In response to the COVID-19 crisis and current stay at home mandates in California we will be providing fully HIPAA compliant Video Telehealth services to all new and existing patients in order to safely provide continuity of care. Please contact us for more information.
The Mind Health Institute, Newport Beach is a multi-disciplinary mental health clinic that is focused on providing the best possible care through collaboration and adherence to evidence-based standards. Our clinic is run solely by mental health professionals who are not only leaders in the field, but are also committed to the absolute highest professional and ethical standards of care. All of our providers are licensed and fully committed to maintaining advanced certifications, and many are awarded at both the local and national levels for their contributions to the mental health field.

We focus on the following principles to foster our mission:
  1. Clinical care that is collaborative, evidence-based, and patient-centered
  2. Implementation of evidence-based standards as our field evolves
  3. Community outreach to promote a higher level of mental health literacy
  4. Professional development of our clinical & administrative staff
  5. Connections to experts that offer a variety of specialized services
  6. Continuing education lectures for other mental health professionals
We are not driven by the principals of marketing or self-promotion, and instead believe that the best care is contingent upon educating you or your loved one in order to assist in making an informed decision about your individualized needs. We also never recommend testing or treatment that is not deemed necessary as requiring such is not consistent with the best practices in our field. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you will contact us to learn more.